Art Subscription


Offering you a unique opportunity to subscribe to my art.  

Selecting a subscription gives you access to all the artwork and can swap between art if you feel like refreshing your walls from time to time.

If you decide to buy the art in your subscription - or buy any art on my website - you will be credited for what you've already paid in your subscription plan - credited up to 50% of the purchase price of the art you want. 

For the following options, contact artist directly at or mobile (+1) 514-220-5703.


Subscription Plan: Renting 1 Art Work

- Keep 1 art or replace with a new piece up to 4 x year

- Free delivery and installation

- Insurance Included

- Billed monthly

- Ranging from $35 - $60/month depending on the art 


Subscription Plan Level 2: Multiple Art Works

- Rent multiple art works (up to 10), replaceable on a monthly basis

- Free deliver, installation

- Insurance included

- Billed monthly

- Custom Prices Ranging from $35 - $60/month


Contact or call 514-220-5703 for custom deals.