How it's Made



1. FACE MOUNT ACRYLIC ("Plexiglass"):

A plexi face mount is a frameless way to display your printed images. An HD metallic print is sandwiched between a sheet of aluminium dibond and a sheet of crystal clear plexiglass. The three pieces are fused together using a cold press.

Your image will have enhanced color and a three dimensional appearance due to the shine of the metallic gallery quality photo paper combined with the plexiglass being affixed directly to the print. The plexi face mount is hung with an “invisible” hanger that gives the appearance your print is floating off the wall.




Metal dibond is one of the most robust, lightweight and resistant to weather material to print on, thanks to its design where two aluminum plates enclose a black polyethylene plate for optimum solidity.

The brushed Aluminum material with a metallic sheen makes it possible to create original effects where the blanks of the image are not printed, thus revealing the texture of the aluminum.

The metallic surface inthe image will capture the light giving it a 3d effect. Dibond will not bend, arch or curve, the metallic print comes with 4 aluminum clampersthat allow the Artwork to float on the wall.




3. HD Metallic Photo Paper

A "gallery quality" photo paper with a 3D effect, brings out the light in the image with a slight shimmer. Extremely durable, pearl surface resistant to tearing and curling.

Sharp details, beautifully saturated colors, rich blacks for better contrast.